H₂O²® personalised flat water bottles

Flat vegan personalised water bottles that fit where others can't


Take H₂O² Anywhere

Stay hydrated whatever the occasion

H₂O² operate differently

From biodegradable packaging to delivering local orders by bike

Keeping It Personal

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The Perfect Gift

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Operating Carbon Neutrally


Prince's Trust Partner

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What The H2O Squad Say About Us

"A bulky bottle normally deters me from carrying water around but this bottle is no fuss and enables me to stay hydrated easily"

Alice Dale

"A convenient, compact water bottle, perfectly fits into my favourite bags."

Roshni Patel

"This bottle is my new travel buddy!...Perfect idea, innovation design, high quality of the product... Buying the product I can see that the owner is taking care of her business and customers! "

Magdalena Sarnik

"Very easy to drink from and the outside is very durable! Perfect size for my bags so I can always have water with me without it weighing me down!!"

Christina Brown